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  • San Diego gets their first loss against Japan

    Japan won 7-2

    Alameda gets their first win against Australia

    Alameda won 4-3

    Korea beats out Mexico Verde

    Korea won 5-9

  • Mexico Verde shuts out Fresno

    with a 9-0 win

    San Diego joins Japan at 3-0

    San Diego scored 10 runs in the 5th and final inning to take the win 15-5 against Australia

    San Diego gets their second win

    San Diego gets the win against Mexico Verde 8-4

  • Mexico Rojo gets a win against Australia

    Mexico Rojo held on with a 3-4 win over Australia

    Japan goes 3-0

    With the win over Fresno and Korea

    Fresno gets the win against Korea!

    Fresno held the lead over Korea 11-5

  • San Diego takes the W against Mexico Rojo

    San Diego took the W with a 17-4 win against Mexico Rojo

    Japan wins their first of two today

    Japan beat Alameda 18-0

    Mexico Verde takes the Win

    Mexico Verde wins one against Australia 11-6

    Korea wins one over Alameda

    Korea won 8-2 against Alameda

  • Let the games begin!

    Opening ceremonies was a success and games began at 10:00 am at Clovis West and Clovis High School.

    Welcome Party!

    Thanks to all of you that joined us at the welcome party last night. The teams had a great time socializing with one another. Pictures will be shared later today.

  • Teams Arrive!

    Teams are starting to arrive for the 32nd Annual World Boys Baseball Tournament held in Fresno this year. Opening ceremonies will be at Clovis West's Stan Bledsoe field Friday, August 9, 2013 at 8:00 AM

    Japan Takes All

    Japan beat Fresno in the final game, 2-1.

    Fresno Hosts 2013 Tournament

    Fresno has stepped up to host the 2013 tournament.  Check back soon for more details.


Clovis West StadiumThis year's tournament games will be played at Clovis High and Clovis West High Schools.

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On behalf of the Greater Fresno Boys Baseball organization I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all participating teams, families, friends and all supporters to the 2013 World Boys Baseball Tournament.

Many of the participants have traveled a great distance to be here and we will do our best as hosts to make your visit an enjoyable and memorable experience.  A tournament of this caliber would not be possible without the help of our players families, several volunteers, home stay host families, and Clovis Unified School District for allowing us to host the tournament in their outstanding baseball facilities; Clovis West’s Stan Bledsoe Field and Clovis High’s Loyd Merriman Field.  I would also like to extend a special thank you to Clovis West’s head coach Kevin Patrick and Clovis High’s head coach James Patrick for their support.

The tournament has special significance that is allows young men from around the world to interact and learn a little of each others culture.  All foreign players stay with host families which enables them to learn even more about the American culture.  Hopefully home stay families will learn a little about their guests and their culture as well.

I hope when you leave for home, you will take everlasting memories of your experiences here in the San Joaquin Valley and you have great stories to share with your friends and loved ones.  Hopefully the friendships you develop will be life long.

May the best team win and most important, may good sportsmanship rule this friendship event.

- Fernando Garcia